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5 Fun Golf Course Tournament Plans You Can Use This Season

Hosting and planning a golf tournament strengthens and creates bonds with local golfers. It's also a great way to bring in some extra money. 

At first, it might seem daunting having to plan and organize the event. What food should you offer? Should there be prizes? What are some events that everyone is sure to love?

A little creativity goes a long way. While golf is a fun and relaxing sport, adding a few twists can liven up your tournament. Continue reading for some fun golf course tournament ideas that are sure to please a crowd.

1. Run Hole-in-One Contests

There's nothing more exhilarating for golfers than a hole-in-one. Why not make it a contest?

While the odds of hitting a hole-in-one are low, choose a hole where it's most probable. Place an employee by the hole and divide the participants into groups of four.

Each player will take a turn and whoever is closest wins!

2. Host a Charity Contest

Tournament planning is difficult, but a common way to get everyone involved is to host a charity contest.

Some of the best golf courses split prizes. For example, the winner of the hole-in-one contest would get some prize money and a charity that you partner with would receive the other half.

3. Offer Unique Food and Beverage Options

A key part of event planning is picking the perfect food and beverages. An often overlooked part of this is planning how to serve it. 

While it may not be common for you to provide appetizers and allow ordering ahead of time, you should make adjustments for a tournament.

It will allow your staff to not be overwhelmed by everyone wanting to eat at the same time. Since most guests will want to participate in and watch the event, odds are they'll all want to eat once it's done.

Providing appetizers throughout will prevent everyone from getting too hungry. Allowing pre-ordering will help your staff formulate a plan.

4. Play Fun Games

Since the event venue is a golf course, you should take advantage and play some unique golf games.

Games like Honest John or Minimum Putts are great to add some variety and levity.

5. Pick Prizes with your Target Audience in Mind

Everyone loves cash prizes, but they can be a little boring. However, the most important thing for your to decide is the value of the prizes.

Larger prizes make people more serious. If you want a light tone, but don't want to appear cheap donating most of the prize to charities is a good option.

Start Planning Your Tournament Now!

The priority for your tournament should be that every guest has a great time. Fun is the driving force behind these kinds of events, not overcompetitiveness. Keep everything light.

Loyalty is an important factor for returning clients. Build solid relationships with local golfers by implementing a few of these fun ideas. Profits are great but remember that networking is your top priority during a tournament.

For more information and golf course tournament ideas, contact us!

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