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Golf Tournament Planning Guide: How to Plan the Best Tournament

Did you know 36.9 million Americans played golf in 2020? That number shows how popular the sport is among our fellow citizens, and folks will continue to hit the links as COVID-19 recedes in our rearview mirrors.

Because it's so popular, golf is also a great way to raise money. Planning a golf tournament is a challenging process. There are so many moving parts other than gameplay.

Are you trying to organize a golf outing for your company or organization? Don't begin until you read our golf tournament planning guide.

Start Planning Early

You can't go it alone when planning a big event. Selecting a planning committee will help your event get off the ground by highlighting each individual's particular talent and connections.

Event Goals

Why are you planning a tournament? Many golf tournaments or outings have a charitable component. Determine your intentions and how much money you want to raise by holding the event.


If you want to know how to plan a golf tournament, the first thing you need is to determine a budget. How much money will a golf course cost? Do those costs include golf cart rentals?

Aside from the course, you need to consider the costs of registration, food, alcohol, and any award banquet.


Planning a golf tournament is a hefty financial undertaking, and it's best if you get some help. The way you do this is by finding local sponsors willing to donate money or product in exchange for prominent branding.

Examples of local sponsors worth seeking are bars, restaurants, and breweries. Go big and approach a sports talk radio station or other media outlets.

Businesses are always on the hunt for PR opportunities. If your tournament has a charitable component, a local company will be far more willing to donate.

Focus Big to Small

Any event planning guide will tell you to focus first on the large aspects before narrowing your focus. Planning a golf tournament is no different.

After you and your planning committee determine the event goals, operating budget, and possible sponsorship, it's time to narrow your focus to the event.

Choose a Course

Have everyone in the committee list their top three or five courses in the area. Once you reach a reasonable consensus, then explore pricing as it pertains to your budget.

Your goal for choosing a course should be finding one that combines beauty with a price that won't eat your budget.

A public golf course in poor condition will not attract players, but a too expensive private golf course restricts your financial goals.

Delegate Planning Committee Roles

Is it easy to plan a golf tournament? No, but it's easier if you delegate tasks to your planning committee.

Each member of your planning committee should have defined roles. These defined roles will all have assigned tasks that contribute to tournament planning.

Select a point person for finance, sponsorship, and food and beverage planning.

Determine Game Play

Once you find a course and establish each planning committee member's specialization, you have to decide how the tournament will play. There are so many different types of golf tournaments.

Scrambles, better ball, and alternate shot tournaments encourage players of all skill levels to sign up.

Spread the Word

You have a course, and you have a tournament style. The next step for your tournament planning guide is to start spreading the word to players. An abundance of players is necessary for you to reach your financial goals.

Snappy Name

Before you begin your media push, you must determine a name for your tournament. The best names include the charity or purpose of the event. If you're raising money for a cause, make sure it's in the event name.

When determining an event name, make sure it's short enough to fit on a card. A too fussy or too long event name distracts players and sponsors alike.

Save the Date

Notify potential players and sponsors months ahead of time with save the date notifications.

During your initial planning phase, you and your committee determined potential sponsorship opportunities. Send cards with the time and date to these companies before you make the hard sponsorship push. 

Make sure, as well, that any potential players in your social network receive a notification. The earlier players receive a save the date card, the more flexibility they have to clear their schedules for attendance.

Social Media With Registration Link

According to recent studies, the overwhelming majority of Americans use some form of social media. Because of this, social media is a vital marketing component.

Your tournament should have a social media account. These accounts allow potential players to explore the event and register.

Nail Down Day of Logistics

You've secured sponsorship and players. What's next? You have to do the work to make sure the day runs without a hitch.

You want your players and sponsors to have a smooth, enjoyable experience if you intend on holding future events. 

Finalize Sponsorship Packages

Raffles and contests are vital for a golf tournament. They're how you raise additional money.

Make sure you have your sponsors and their product donations ready to go for the day of the event.

Food and Beverage

Do you plan to hold a post-tournament banquet? If so, discuss the logistics with the golf course event planner and set a menu. If it's post-match drinks and snacks, make sure you've locked down beverage costs.

Golf is about camaraderie. You want your players fed and plied with refreshing beverages during and after their rounds.

Decor and Signage

Are you looking for a planning a golf tournament guide? Know that your players will be seeking guidance during the day of the event.

Plan your signage to mark where they register and all other crucial course logistics. Your signage and decor should also include any sponsorship and event logos.

Plan the Perfect Event With This Golf Tournament Planning Guide

Are you planning a golf tournament? Consider Eagle Harbor Golf Club for your next Jacksonville area event. Our expert planners will provide an in-depth golf tournament planning guide to ensure a memorable event.

Contact us to book your upcoming tournament today.