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5 Unique Golf Tournament Ideas

Unique Golf Tournament

Another golf season is upon us, and things are definitely looking up for the golf industry. In 2020, some courses saw as much as a 26% jump in the number of rounds played!

If you’ve been wanting to host a golf tournament for a charity event (or just for fun), now is the perfect time to start planning. All you need is the perfect location and a little bit of tournament help.

That’s where we come in. Keep reading for five fun and unique golf tournament ideas.

1. Swords & Hammers

We’re not sure who named this idea, but we are sure it will be a hit at your golf tournament. Pick a designated hole on the course and ask each player to hand over their clubs when they arrive at the tee.

Then, hand each player a random club for each shot. This means they might have to make their drive with a putter or use a long iron as a pitching wedge. Up the ante by including some antique and vintage clubs in your arsenal too.

2. Speed Golf

Shooting a 65 is impressive under any circumstances, but can you imagine doing it in 44 minutes? That’s what the current speed golf world record holder Christopher Smith accomplished back in 2005!

If your players are relatively young, healthy, and fit, skip the carts and caddies. Instead, ask everyone to carry their own bags and sprint between holes during a round of speed golf. It’s a great challenge because players have to strike a fine balance between accuracy and speed.

3. Sell Mulligans for Charity

Here’s an easy way to raise more money for your cause: Sell mulligans to individual golfers or groups. 

You could sell or auction them off for $5 a shot or $50 a shot, depending on your budget and sponsorships. Everyone will love the added strategy to the game!

4. Softball Challenge

Ready to bring some levity to the game? Choose a hole and ask each player to hit a softball off the tee instead of their standard golf ball. The player who hits it the farthest wins a prize!

For a variation of this challenge, players could hit a marshmallow or a Wiffle ball, or they could throw a frisbee off the tee.

5. Lefty-Rightie

If you want to get everybody laughing (and level the playing field), you’ll love this idea. At a chosen hole, collect everyone’s clubs and swap them out for an opposite-handed set.

In other words, have your right-handed players play the hole with lefty clubs, while your left-handed players use right-handed clubs. You can do a long drive contest, a putting contest, or challenge them to play the entire hole that way!

Use These Golf Tournament Ideas at Your Next Event

Everyone loves a good hole-in-one challenge, but there are more creative golf tournament ideas than that. Bookmark this list for inspiration as you start planning your upcoming tournament.

Speaking of which, have you chosen your host course yet? Would you like to hold your tournament at one of northeast Florida’s premier golf courses?

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