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The Ultimate Guide to Golf Putting

The reach of golf today in the United States is approximately 106 million people – which breaks down to a third of people 6 years old and up. It's as popular as ever, which is the perfect time to learn how to play or brush up on your skills. 

Look no further than putting.  

Putting in golf is an essential part of the sport. It's as important as having a good jab in boxing, proper stance and technique in football, and putting enough arch and follow through on your jump shot in basketball. When you know how to putt, you'll have a strong foundation. 

Here are some golf putting tips that will help you improve your game and take it to the next level. 

Understand the Importance and Rationale Behind Putting

First, understand why putting is so important to the game of golf. A putt is a short-range shot that golfers attempt once the ball reaches the green. There's nothing easy about putting, but when you master it, you can shave strokes off your golf score. 

It's vital to becoming a good golfer because it accounts for the majority of the shots that you take. Tightening up the flaws in your putting technique will help you become the masterful golfer that you've always wanted to be. 

Learn the Basics of Putting Mechanics

Many consider Tiger Woods the best putter of all time. Before you can aspire to reach world-class levels, you need to master the basics. 

Mastering your mechanics will help you master your game, and will help you have more control and touch on the ball to get it into the hole at a higher clip. This is an essential part of your golf putting tips, so the more you feel comfortable with it, the easier it'll be to sink that shot. 

Keep your feet apart at a comfortable distance, hold the club firmly but not too tight, and keep your eye on the ball through the end of the shot. Tilt your hips forward slightly and keep your spine angle correct. All of this sounds simple on paper, but it takes hours of muscle memory to get these techniques down just right. 

Figure out what works best for your game once you master the basics. There are several different grips that you can use, and every golfer has their preference. Invest in a set of gloves as you practice your golf grip for putting, and try a few out until you feel comfortable. 

Pinpoint Some Common Putting Mistakes

As you improve your golf putting game, make sure that you cut out some of the most common mistakes. The main thing people do is take their eyes off the ball, which tremendously lowers your ability to hit the ball the way that you'd like. 

New golfers also either end up hitting the ball too hard or too soft, which also leads to missing the shot. Allow your shoulders to move fluidly so that you can get plenty of follow-through on the club as you watch it into the hole. 

Develop Your Mental Game

Golf is the epitome of a mental game. The main thing you need to do is learn to quiet your mind once it's time to sink a putt. All of the thoughts going through your mind don't serve you right now, and many people let their nerves stifle their breathing. 

Breathe calmly through your nose and out of your mouth so that you can remain loose and fluid as you hit your putt. 

Many putting tips golf also have little to do with technique, and everything to do with reading the green. Learn how to study and read the course that you're playing on so that you can pattern your play to the elements and the results that you need. 

Practice Your Putting Game Daily

Dedicate yourself to putting in the work to become the best putter that you can. If you don't put in the work, you'll never develop the muscle memory needed to put the skills into your subconscious. 

Rather than making it a cool little hobby that you practice every now and then, dedicate yourself to practicing your putt every day, with only a day off or two. You can invest in some golf putting aids that will help you get the work in rain or shine. 

A putting golf mat can be installed in your garage, and you can use it any time that you'd like. Many people also invest in swing coaches that can break down their mechanics in-person and on video to correct any mistakes. 

Make sure that you also buy the best putter for your arm length and body type. Search for some brands that are high-quality so that the putter gets the results that you'd like and lasts for many years to come. 

Aggressively Work on Your Golf Putting

Golf putting is an essential piece of the puzzle to add to your game. If you're willing to follow these tips and do the work, there's no reason that you can't succeed at it. 

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