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Choose Perfect Golf Course for Tournament

Golf is as popular as ever, with the National Golf Foundation reporting 24.8 million active golfers in 2020. During the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, hitting the golf course was an easy and safe way to have fun and gather with friends and family. Now we're well into the back nine of 2021 and the sport remains steadily popular.

Are you thinking about hosting a golf tournament? They're a great way to meet new people and even raise money for a worthy cause, but you need to find a golf course that's perfect for your players.

Do you want to learn how to find a golf course for your upcoming tournament? Read on for three helpful tips.

1. Choose a Central Location

You might have played a beautiful 18 holes in a middle-of-nowhere course, and you might think it's perfect for your golf tournament. It might be, except for one crucial detail. It's too far away to entice players.

Location is a crucial aspect when choosing the right course. For one, people have busy lives. If you allow them the opportunity to play a fun round without spoiling their whole day, you will attract more people.

2. Difficulty Level

Golf is fun, but forcing novice or hobby golfers onto a course too challenging for their level of play can ruin a fun outing. While the ultimate goal of a golf outing is for folks to have a good time, nobody wants to feel embarrassed.

The USGA rates a course's difficulty in two ways. There is a Course Rating and a Slope Rating. They work together to determine how challenging a round will be for a scratch golfer and a bogey player.

Course Rating

The USGA determines the Course Rating during normal playing conditions. The effective length of a course includes the actual length of each hole from tee to green, elevation changes, wind, and the roll factor.

Obstacle factors also determine a Course Rating. These obstacle factors include topography, rough recoverability, bunkers, and trees.

Slope Rating

The Slope Rating comes from a combination of the Course Rating and the Bogey Rating. The Bogey Rating evaluates how difficult a Course Rating is for a bogey golfer. The Slope Rating occurs on a scale, with the average course slope rating at 113.

A course with an average Slope Rating is best for a large tournament. These courses present enough of a challenge for the scratch golfers in your field while also keeping beginners engaged.

3. What Does the Golf Course Offer?

The course itself isn't the only aspect to consider when choosing a location for your outing. A robust food and beverage offering will go a long way to entice players.

Examine the club's menu. Discuss a beverage package with the club's event manager. A well-planned and executed banquet will set your tournament above the rest.

How to Choose a Golf Course

Are you planning a golf tournament? You have to pick the best golf course.

When choosing, consider the location, difficulty, and amenities. If you get it right, you're sure to have a full slate of players.

Eagle Harbor Golf Club is the best choice for your Jacksonville area tournament. Our expert planners will guide you through the ins and outs of tournament planning to make sure your next event is perfect. Contact us to book your upcoming outing.