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Golf Course Tournament Planning Guide

Every year, the PGA gives billions of dollars to charities through the money it raises from its tournaments. Although other golf organizations and tournaments can't bring in the same level of money, it is still very popular to organize a golf course tournament for fundraising or other purposes.

But how do you plan a golf tournament? What do you need to keep in mind? Read on for everything you need to know about how to plan a golf tournament!

Figure Out Your Purpose

The first key step is to know your purpose for this tournament. Are you fundraising for a charity? Or are you doing this for a school tournament or as a way to make money?

You may already have an idea in mind of what you want this tournament to be for. However, you need to set it in stone and really nail down the purpose. This is particularly true when it comes time to get sponsors to help with the costs of your tournament!

Plan a Golf Tournament Timeline

You need to start planning months in advance for this tournament, and it's crucial to figure out a timeline early on in the planning process. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Which golf courses should the tournament include?
  • How will you bring in golfers?
  • How will they be paired up?
  • How many days will the tournament be?
  • When and where do you need food, restrooms, and other facilities?

These are just a few of the questions you'll need to answer in order to figure out your plans.

When you figure these questions out, you'll be able to start putting together a better timeline both for the event and the lead-up to the event. You want the actual tournament to go well, but that means you need to get a lot of things ready ahead of time. Plan out your deadlines for vendors, registration, equipment, and everything else you'll need for the tournament!

Choose a Committee to Help

You can't do all this work alone, and you shouldn't try! Everyone needs a support group to help ensure things go smoothly, and planning a golf tournament is no exception.

It's important to delegate your tasks to a crew who can help you bring everything together. Perhaps one person deals with hiring vendors and equipment, while another handles the advertising.

Whatever crew you decide on, make sure they can handle this responsibility! Putting together a golf tournament is a big task, and you need to make sure your team can rise to the challenge.

Budget Carefully

Money doesn't grow on trees, and you'll find yourself burning through your reserves faster than you'd like if you're not careful. Figure out your overall budget to put this tournament together, and stick with it!

Sponsorships and donations can go a long way toward helping your tournament succeed financially. Find out who your sponsors are, and perhaps try to reach out to others to see if they'd be willing to help out. If more people are involved, you have a better chance of seeing your tournament's vision fulfilled!

Whatever happens though, be sure to stay within your budget, even if you have to cut out things you wanted to include. The key thing is making this happen without losing money, and sometimes you have to cut out the frills to make that happen!

Learn More About Golf Tournament Planning

Now that you have some planning tips on how to plan a golf tournament, it's time to sit down and write everything out. Dive into the details to figure out your game plan, and have fun with it!

And if you're interested in learning more ways to plan a tournament, or you'd like to pick a great course to host it, we can help! Feel free to contact us with any questions you have, and we'll do our best to help you plan your next big golf event.