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The Ultimate Guide to Country Club Weddings in 2020

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Are you planning a Fleming Island country club wedding in 2020? Planning a wedding can be both equal parts exciting and daunting. 

To make it less daunting, we made an ultimate guide to planning country club weddings.

Here's everything you need to consider to make sure the event is successful.

The Benefit of Country Club Weddings

One of the reasons that make country club weddings an excellent choice is that they can act as an on-site wedding venue. An "on-site" wedding means that everything you need for your wedding is in one spot - the ceremony and reception venue, a commercial kitchen, etc.

This could save you a great deal of money compared to having an "off-site" wedding (think public parks, a beach, or even an open field). Having your wedding at a country club simplifies the planning process because they often have a range of catering offerings available.

Most importantly, they have access to the basics such as designated space for your ceremony and reception, chairs and tables, and many even have an on-site coordinator to assist you.

Keeping the celebration in one location for the evening is incredibly helpful to not only your budget but your guests as well.

Find Your Wedding Inspiration

Whether it's scrolling on Pinterest for wedding color palette inspiration or choosing an actual theme (like a romantic garden theme or the Roaring 20s, for example), it can be helpful to choose a theme or concept to design your wedding around.

Once you figure out the aesthetic you want to achieve for your wedding, it's easier to make design decisions. Sticking to an overall concept will also help make everything look more cohesive.

Start Working on Your Guest List

While you finalize your guest list until later, it is crucial to estimate your guest count early on in the wedding planning process. There's a massive difference between a fifty person wedding and a three hundred person wedding.

Take this time to decide whether you are inviting children to the ceremony as well as who will be allowed to bring a plus one.

Think About Dates (And Seasons)

Choose more than one ideal date for your wedding. It is important to be flexible. Being flexible gives you more options when you're booking your country club wedding venue and vendors.

Take into consideration other factors as well. Such as how popular your dates might be for other couples or if the dates would be difficult for your guests to attend (having a wedding date close to a holiday, for example).

Ask for Advice From Other Married Couples

Have you recently attended a few country club weddings that you really enjoyed? Don't be afraid to ask that couple for some insight and advice.

Since they also chose a country club as their wedding venue, chances are they probably have some in-depth tips and tricks they would be happy to share with you. 

Choose Your Wedding Party

The family and friends you ask to join your wedding party will have a special responsibility. These are the people who will need to be there for not only emotional support but also tactical support throughout your wedding planning process and on the day of the ceremony.

Sit down and consult with your partner and decide what size wedding party works best for the two of you. Remember the expenses that come along with this special responsibility.

It's okay to take time when deciding who you really want standing next to you during what can be the happiest day of your life. It's important to ask yourself if the person you choose for each role is capable of performing the required duties.

Also, remember that it is YOUR wedding day. You do not have to add someone to your wedding party just to appease someone like your mother-in-law or your own mother.

Create a Wedding Website and Hashtag

Wedding websites and hashtags are rising in popularity because they are one of the easiest ways to keep your guests in the loop. Avoid getting endless messages from guests by creating a simple wedding website that has all of the details of your wedding.

Include essential details like locations, dates, times, dress codes, travel info, and an itinerary for the rehearsal dinner and the big day.

You can also include the story of your relationship as well as mini-about sections introducing your wedding party for a sentimental touch.

When you create your website, also create a wedding hashtag that your guests can use when posting on social media. A wedding hashtag makes it easier to find all content related to your wedding in one place.

After the ceremony is over, you and your partner can relive your wedding through the eyes of your guests.

Finalize Wedding Setup Details

When your wedding date approaches, be sure to check in with the country club hosting your wedding to find out exactly when your vendors can arrive for preparations and setup.

Early on in the day is best, but sometimes country clubs may have other events going on the same day. Make sure you pass along any necessary information to your vendors, so everyone is on the same page.

Add Some Personal Touches

Adding personal touches throughout your wedding will make it feel sentimental and special to you and your partner. Some of these personal touches can be cultural or familial wedding customs or traditions that have a special meaning. 

You and your partner can even start a new tradition for future generations.

Incorporating personal and heartfelt touches into your wedding festivities will make it much more memorable.

Focus on the Big Picture

It's easy to get overwhelmed and sometimes lost during your wedding planning process. When this happens, remember to focus on the big picture. You and the love of your life are getting married!

Don't focus on the things that aren't perfect or not going as expected. You don't want your guests to see a stressed-out couple on what is supposed to be the happiest day of your lives.

By the time your wedding day approaches, relax and enjoy all of the special moments you are sharing with your loved ones. Take it all in because if you ask any married couple—everything will zoom by.

Planning a Country Club Wedding in 2020

If you are planning on getting married in 2020, we hope you found this ultimate guide on country club weddings helpful. Planning a wedding can be both equal parts exciting and daunting. With the help of our guide, it doesn't have to be intimidating at all!

If you are looking for a venue for your wedding, contact us today! We at Eagle Harbor would love to be a part of your big day.

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