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Floral Fairway Fashions: 7 Flower Tips for a Golf Course Wedding

You’re walking down the aisle on your big day your heart pounding in your chest as you take those steps toward your future. Suddenly, your eyes catch your flower arrangements and completely takes you out of the moment. Golf courses, with their bright green grass, can be a breathtaking venue for a wedding. You don’t want to drag its beauty down with a bad floral arrangement but you don’t want to go out of your budget on flowers either. You also want to do something a little different. Keep reading for a few flower tips so you can make your big day special with an arrangement that both go with the venue and is something a little unique.

1. Do a Little Research

You need to not only look up images of different floral arrangements online but make sure that you ask your florist any and all questions that you have. Make sure that you are thorough so you both can come to an agreement on your vision. You need to have a connection with your florist, not just treat them like just another person doing the job. If you can get to know each other, your arrangements will reflect that.

2. Try Local Areas

You want to pick flowers that are in season with the date of your wedding. So, if your wedding is on a golf course in the summer, you'll want summer flowers. It's just cheaper to do it this way rather than get some out of season flowers grown in a greenhouse. You'll mostly find these in local areas so while you're getting that nice in-season discount, you're also supporting local businesses which is a huge plus.

3. Work with Your Budget

Sometimes you fall in love with a flower but it's way out of your budget. This is okay because you can usually find a similar flower that's less expensive and you'll barely be able to tell the difference. Take, for example, hydrangeas. They're gorgeous and would look perfect in a golf course wedding but the price tag per bundle makes them a little less attractive. Carnations, when they're bundled together, look just like them though and won't hurt your wallet near as much.

4. Try Something Other than a Vase

Flower vases for your arrangements are cool and all, but why pass up the opportunity to do something truly unique.  Some brides put their arrangements in wooden boxes. If you collect tea cups it will give you the chance to let a piece of you shine through by incorporating them into your arrangement. You can also find some unique centerpieces like these at flea markets and thrift stores. Some people use some kind of family heirloom to hold their flowers which is both charming and vintage.

5. Try Something Other than Flowers

If you're not really a flower person you don't have to stick with them just because they're traditional. You can do something completely out of the box by incorporating other things into your arrangements instead of using a bunch of flowers. Things like feathers, decorative wire, shells, buttons, branches, candy, and fruits and veggies can be a nice touch. Nothing is too out of the box.

6. Go By Your Color Scheme, Not a Flower

If you give your florist a color scheme they will most likely be able to come up with some kind of flower design to go with it. If you give them flowers that you must have, then it sort of limits them a little bit. If you give them a color scheme to work with they may be able to find something cheaper also but if you give them specific flowers, they won't be able to help you save as much.

7. Reuse Your Flowers

You don't want to use your flowers for just the ceremony otherwise it's a little bit of a waste. Instead, use them for the reception as well. This cuts the cost down a little because you won't have to pay for extra flowers for the reception. All you have to do is get someone to move them. A few people in your wedding party may be perfectly willing to. In most cases, your florist will have no qualms with moving them.

8. Make it Personal

Don't be afraid to make your flowers something personal to you. For example, letting them be the flowers that your fiance brought to you on your first date or a flower that your grandmother grew in her garden when you were growing up. Making it personal like this will add a special touch to your wedding that you won't soon forget. This is why flowers should always be chosen with a little thought and not just because you enjoy the color.

9. Bring Some kind of Sample

You don't want to force your florist to sort of go in blind. You should always have a few examples lined up that you can show them. For example, if you want a specific color flower for your wedding, bring them a few color swatches to work off of. If you have a specific flower in mind, look up pictures on Google before coming in or find a few examples in a magazine. Just have something to show them.

Flower Tips for Your Golf Course Wedding

You should be setting up an appointment with your florist as soon as you book your golf course venue. Be sure to bring samples so they can get a feel for what you want, as well as get to know them a little. If you do that and use these other flower tips, your wedding is sure to be beautiful. If you haven't booked your golf course wedding yet then, what are you waiting for? Contact us to get started.