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5 Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

Golf is a calmer sport than football or basketball, but that doesn't make it any less popular. In fact, 23.82 million Americans participant in the sport.

Golf players existed during the reign of Julius Caesar, in Ancient China, and in 15th century Scotland. Of all those golfers throughout all of history, you can bet most of them were always looking to improve their game. That's the mark of a true athlete.

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Stuck in the Rough? How to Master Golf Course Terrains

The work week is a stressful time for the vast majority of adults. Obviously, the easiest way to escape the grind of it all is to disappear on a Saturday or Sunday at the golf course.

More than 25 million people play golf each year in the United States. Skill levels and scorecards will vary greatly, but all of these people decide to play every year because they enjoy spending time on the course.

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